Restructuring startups & monetizing distress assets

For many reasons, over 90% of startups fail. Assets have been built. Value has been, hopefully, created. Money has been employed. At this point, there is likely little or no return to investors or founders.

The team at RCM Capital Advisors is able to evaluate the assets. RCM Capital Advisors will determine if there is commercial value to the assets that have been built and explore arbitrage opportunities for the investors and founders.

Social enterprise consulting

RCM Capital Advisors will provide consulting to social enterprises. The range of advisory services will range from branding, to positioning, to strategy, to business model design, to consulting about financial structure, to scaling and to sustainability of operations. RCM Capital Advisors is also able to arrange for social impact private equity and private debt for social enterprises.

Public private partnerships (p3)

RCM Capital Advisors will provide consulting to public sector organizations on the financing of service infrastructure using a Public-Private or P3 structure. RCM Capital Advisors will provide the capital advisory services relating to structuring and funding P3 and on placement of the securities.

Project origination

The team at RCM Capital Advisors will originate and develop innovative high impact for profit and not for profit projects from idea through to design and branding and on to the various stages of funding from seed to late stage including partnerships, vend ins, syndication and mergers and acquisitions.

Mentoring the management team

RCM Capital Advisors will work with recruiters to select and then to mentor the management team members. This will include educating the management team in business process design,brand development, accounting literacy and the financial literacy required to source the tiers of capital required to scale a successful venture.

Furthermore, RCM Capital Advisors works with corporate psychologists available to build resilience in the management team in order to ensure stability and continuity of the team increasing the likelihood of success.

Commercialization of ip

The team at RCM Capital Advisors will assist a healthcare organization with research capabilities or a research institute or college to manage the inventory of IP assets and assist with commercialization strategies by combining business skill sets with research skill sets.

The advisory work by RCM Capital Advisors will include undertaking a full audit of the IP, valuing the IP and scoring the IP based on its importance to the organization.

Alternative asset origination

Family offices and wealth managers are seeking to diversify into uncorrelated alternative investments. The team at RCM Capital Advisors sources high quality alternative investments in all tiers of the balance sheet including private equity, sub-ordinated debt and senior secured debt.

Technology due diligence

Technology based companies are complex. The team at RCM Capital Advisors will arrange for a private and confidential audit of the technology and the management team before investors commit to capitalize the company.

Reporting on investments

RCM Capital Advisors will monitor and report on investments for investors in order to keep investors updated on the status of their investment, to ensure that covenants have not been breached, that milestones are being met and that mismanagement is not taking place.

Advisory for corporate venture capitalists

Many corporate venture capital companies are focused on identifying strategic investments that will disrupt their industry. These companies want the intelligence about possible competitive threats in order to defend appropriately. By investing in a company that has developed a disruptive technology, the corporates are able to manage future strategic risk. Corporates are also interested in a financial return.

Furthermore, the funding process with corporates can be accelerated if the corporate has or participates in a dedicated investment fund. RCM Capital Advisors seeks to align with corporates in order to meet their needs for disruptive business models and innovative new generation technologies.

Capital advisory services for family offices & wealth managers

High net worth (HNW) and ultra high net worth (UHNW) families are seeking investments uncorrelated with the public markets. Furthermore, the increasing momentum in impact investments is becoming an important factor in the decision about selecting private investments that help someone but also return market or above market returns which is ideal.

Re-activating an established family business

Family businesses are unique in terms of culture, values and needs. The team at RCM Capital Advisors understands the nuance of working with established multi-generational family businesses .

These families will often seek re-activation/ renewal of the business by engaging in partnerships and investment in innovation aligned with the core business and through digital transformation.

Business model design

For startup companies, the business model is the product. RCM Capital Advisors can assist the management team and the advisory board in evolving the business model through a disciplined lean business canvas process.

This is the essential first step in launching a startup that can be successfully monetized and scaled with a significant return on investment to the investors and founders.

RCM Capital Advisors can also initiate strategic relationships for startups to gain credibility, channel access, marketing support and market acceptance of new products, processes and platforms.

Transformative combinations

RCM Capital Advisors builds value for investors through transformative combinations of synergistic companies and complementary technologies to capture profitable market share in high growth markets.