Mitigating Risk and Maximizing Return for Accelerated Impact of Healthcare Innovation

There is enormous opportunity in the healthcare and biotechnology investment space, particularly in Canada where there is both an urgent demand for innovative solutions and exceptional expertise for developing them. Canadian scientists are globally respected, but there is a lag in support for venture development, tech transfer and commercialization.

Technology is driving and transforming healthcare more so than any other force. Investors are motivated, but tech development in this sector is a highly complex, multi-layered process. To safeguard ROI, investors require their own subject matter experts to provide critical management support, as well as to oversee and advise on go-to-market implementation, and commercialization.

RCM Capital Advisors mitigate your risk and maximize impact and return on your healthcare tech development

The idea to product process inherently includes unpredictability, optimizations and pivots. Your RCM Capital Advisor monitors the management of your investment funds at every step.

As established scientists with strong financial expertise, we are skilled at keeping an accelerated, targeted development process in check. We work closely with the R& D team, ensuring an agile quickened problem-solving approach to obstacles.

On your behalf, we support scientists and researchers by providing critical business insights, competitive intel, and partnership opportunities to align with the right target profile.

As an investor, you don’t have the time, the bandwidth, or the scientific knowledge to stay up-to-the-minute on the multi-faceted progression of your investment. That’s our speciality. We audit the activities of the development team, pre-emptively identifying and addressing areas of concern. We keep the product development process continuously transparent, and accountable so you have the accurate data you need on demand.

How we work as your team of SMEs

  • How do you know which technology is the worthy of your investment? We assess the technology, team, and risk of the opportunity, leveraging years of experience within our large network of experts.
  • How will you be reliably informed on progress? We provide monthly clear data you can trust on the status of your investment. We also ensure the team is leveraging non-dilutive grants available to them, for effective and efficient use of the investment.
  • What happens to your investment if the development team encounters operational, logistic problems? We intervene quickly to resolve issues and minimize lost time! We also monitor to identify problems early and engage to mitigate risk and avoid critical delays in the venture development.
  • How do you know the investment is on the path of fast growth and successful exit? We provide oversight on business development to ensure early partnerships and ecosystem integration in the biotechnology, pharma and healthcare space.
  • How do you know the technology being developed matches evolving market needs? We provide strategic guidance to ensure accelerated and targeted development of technology into high-value niche market areas.

Our Process Overview:

About Us

Teaming Business and Science for High Value Impact in HealthCare

RCM Capital Advisors is a division of RCM Health Consultancy Inc, which was established in 1993. Our advisors are scientists with expertise in investment and strategic management and are specialists in go-to-market implementation for healthcare IP and services and the commercialization/ development of biotech.